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Let's Journey Together!

I support people from an orientation of Wholeness, meaning there is no topic that we cannot explore in a coaching context. There is nothing that is not related. I often say, "It is very common that within 5 minutes of talking about their purpose, someone starts telling you about their romantic relationship."

I'm here for whatever comes up.

That being said, I often find people I work with wanting support with at least the following:

1. Business outcomes. Most of my clients grow their businesses significantly in revenue during our work together.

"Make more money, work less, feel more fulfilled, and experience more peace."


Most of my clients want to grow their business to seven or eight figures per year in revenue. Some have sold several companies and are more focused towards scaling global impact.


Business can be used as a Force for Good and one of my passions is supporting people playing at the intersection of business, purpose, and consciousness work.

2. Consciousness Work, Spiritual Awakening, and Vertical Development. My clients want to live life and continue to develop and mature in a way that supports spiritual maturity, embodied ethical conduct, passionate vibrant living, and continue awakening into awareness of awareness. Outcomes typically include feeling more free, expansive, vibrant, and alive in the physical body and in consciousness. I am passionate about living a life that supports deeper fulfillment and soulful living. I support people to be deeply embodied as we continue to expand and relate with the field of space and time.

3. Relationships. I support people to develop the skills, capacities, and presence to develop tremendous intimacy, depth, and genuineness in connection with other human beings and life itself.

4. Doing the aforementioned with the intention that the work you're doing, your relationships, and the evolutionary journey you are going through are serving the larger global planetary impact you are here to fulfill in this lifetime

5. Have a fit and healthy physical body. Deeply embodied. Vibrant sex life. Re tuning the nervous system to embody fundamental okayness.

As a coach, I am here to support you in your natural, organic, evolutionary unfolding in an integrated way, applied to your daily contexts including your relationships, money, your purpose in the world, your body, Soul, and the way you walk through the world.

I can't walk the path for you. I'm here to walk by your side, supporting, encouraging, challenging, and loving you in your evolutionary unfolding.

Ways You Can Work With Me

In Person? Online? Both?

1 on 1? With a group? Both?

Let's Boogie


Online via 1 on 1 Sessions

I meet with my clients weekly and stay in touch between sessions via text and voice note. 

Join Me In Person

Immersive In Person Experiential Training:


I travel the world full time and often have people come travel and live with me. Sometimes for a weekend, sometimes for a year. We can connect and explore this possibility together. This is a chance to have an all day everyday immersive experiential into a different way to walk through the world.

Our Emerging Future

Visit the Our Emerging Future website and join us in person for a gathering, retreat, workshop, or practitioner training. More information in our free WhatsApp community.

Wall of Love


"As a fellow practitioner who has had the privilege of experiencing some of the most exceptional experts in various domains like shadow work, money consciousness, spiritual practices, conscious business, and relational dynamics, I can confidently say that Forrest ranks among the most outstanding facilitators alive today.

His embodiment of his teachings is unwavering; there hasn’t been a moment I’ve witnessed him not living what he preaches. Just being around him tends to be a highly transformative experience.

I have multiple times known of people that actively search to (and even fly around the world to) ‘just be around him’ while he’s working to receive his transmission and observe his best practices.

Very little people I have found that can truly “meet me” as Forrest has been able to. With a genuine whole-hearted intention to live life full out. From deep heart-opening vulnerability, to deep power beyond limits and imagination. Forrest has so easefully, yet so deeply helped me access incredible inner resources throughout the whole of my time with him, making my time with him quite literally invaluable."

Diego Garcia Schober, Founder of You The Universe


"Forrest is first and foremost someone who can be present and hold space unlike anyone I have ever met. He has a deep capacity to understand everything from feelings of shame and guilt to existential dread and meaninglessness.

Dont know if I could find a better coach who could walk with me through some of these heavy items and dare say even make it fun at times. Working with Forrest is different from any coach I have ever worked with. Most coaches will listen and offer genuine advice they feel will be helpful in solving the problem you bring up. Forrest however will not feed you the answers or tell you what you want to hear. He instead helps guide you to sourcing the information you seek from deep within yourself.

At first I wished Forrest would just tell me what he thought I should do. However, it was through this process I learned to trust my own inner knowledge and discover many of the answers I sought were inside of me.

From working with Forrest I have been able to identify the stories that have locked me into unhelpful thought patterns and let them go. Ive been able to create space for myself with anxiety and depressive thoughts and actually listen to what they are trying to tell me. It has allowed me to explore and better understand myself than I have at any other other time in my life."

Joe Novek, CBRE


"I found Forrest in one of the most difficult seasons of my life. Stepping in to the container that he holds instantly invited me beyond the threshold of the mind, and "back into" my true being. It was like the deepest sense of coming home, to the truest embodiment of love and eternal, clear knowing of my inherent goodness and divine nature.

To experience this, and then take this field of love back to my family, opened a whole new possibility of life for all of us.

As a facilitator, leader and co-creator, Forrest evokes the best of each person to come forward and play life with trust and total enthusiasm. His passionate relationship with money, business, development and people from all walks of life is infectious in the best way."

Mary Maxfield, Mother and Wholeness Practitioner


"Working with Forrest over the past year has been one of the most catalyzing experiences. Growth was exponential as he helps illuminate areas that are holding me back and see the gifts hidden in each shadow, all while pushing my consciousness and development by sharing new networks, classes, and opportunities to practice and embody this new way of being.  This experience has opened me to a new layer of my potential that continues to deepen and expand my ability to love and hold space for others. I am a better friend, mom, and coach."

Jenn Reilly, Mother and Wholeness Coach


“I experience Forrest as so immediately impactful. Within less than 20 minutes I had a breakthrough... I had a transformative experience.

There is a quality in Forrest's energy and frequency of deep ease, peace, and tremendous Divine Love that helps people sink into the present moment.”

Elen Awalom


"Forrest is a Force of Nature"

Stéphane Segatori, Founder of We-Flow


"Pure Gold"

Bianca Omatuku

Screenshot 2024-07-18 at 11.42.45 AM.png

"Working with Forrest is like being wrapped in golden embrace"

Susanne Fink

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