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Emerging Probabilities

Sourcing and Resourcing New Ways of Being

Emerging Probabilities is a living and breathing collectively sourced North Star and an invitation from the heart of humanity to step into and embody our creative potential for humanity.

We continue to share what is emerging as we collectively envision our future and better understand the stories we are in so we can create new shared stories moving forward.

Basic Survival Needs Are Met For Every Human Being

I invite everyone to become aware that we can meet basic survival needs for every human being today. We aren't lacking resources, technology, or know-how to make this possible. Our systems on planet earth are oriented towards different ends. We can collectively hold space for a possibility-oriented dream to manifest and realize together.

The Human Experience Shifts From Surviving to Thriving

You might imagine the implications of basic survival needs being met are pretty consequential. There is no aspect of the human experience that would be untouched. In shifting from surviving to thriving, we open up new ways to be in relationship with reality, with life, and with each other.


The modern education system is a product and reflection of the industrial revolution. Instead of manufacturing employees, we might shift to seeing education as a lifelong inquiry into the mystery of life. We might wonder: "what if every human being is born a genius?" and "what if every human being is born with gifts to share?"

We might redesign education to create ecosystems for happy, healthy, and fulfilled human beings to thrive as they wonder into and actualize their genius and gifts and cultivate their essence.

If we see curiosity and passion as the engines of learning, we might encourage people to cultivate their curiosities and pursue their passions in service of becoming lifelong learners.

The Future of Work

With basic survival needs met, the purpose of work shifts to sharing our gifts with each other in service of human flourishing, collective awakening, and the joy of giving our gifts. Our capacity for creativity is boundless and we can continue exploring and unfolding into our potential to share, care, and love each other.

The Future of Work is creative work sharing our inner essence in service to others and the planet and an excuse for us to do the work of our healing, development, and awakening

Superorganism of Humanity

We are increasingly becoming aware of our interconnectivity. At some point we will recognize that humanity is a superorganism. You might imagine that each human being is a cell in the body of this superorganism. With this metaphor we can explore how the superorganism of humanity can thrive through the lens of the innate intelligence and self-organizing principle we find in any organism and life itself. We might ask: "how can we best care for the superorganism of humanity?"

Planetary Health

Seeing the superorganism of humanity, we become aware humanity cannot be healthy without widening our lens to consider all of life and the planet. This shift in perspective invites us to care for our home, tend to the earth, and regenerate the soil, the skies, the ocean, and create as humans in harmony with life and the planet.


There is a shift in power and responsibility being asked for right now. Instead of relying on politicians, bureaucrats, and doctors to tell you what to do about your health, every human being will be their own doctor and healer. With a trusted network of supporters who can provide expertise, perspective, recommendations, invitations, and wisdom, every person will be responsible and empowered to make their own health decisions.

Generative and Regenerative Living

We are stepping into the age of regenerative and generative living. I define sustainability as increasing the amount of time something that isn't working will last. Sustainability isn't sustainable and we must evolve into regeneration.

If a lizard loses it tail, sustainable is the lizard living life without a tail. Regenerativity is the lizard generating a new tail. Generativity is the lizard learning from the regeneratively process how healing works and consciously constructing a tail that allows it to jump like a kangaroo.

The Future of Money

Every human being is their own bank. Every human being is a billionaire. We open up to and embody more fully the Economy of Love.

Supporting The Next Wave of Consciousness

We are collectively emerging social fabric for the next wave of consciousness. We will have transition centers to midwife people through the transition into Conscious Awareness, resolve shadow, metabolize trauma, build community, and hold humanity through our collective dark night of the soul.

Gathering Places of The Future

We are currently creating a Coherence Center in Boulder, Colorado, combining a Flow Lab, Incubator, Biomechanics Facility, Coffee Shop and Cafe, Garden, Co-Working Space, Doctor's Office, and Education Center.

A Coherence Center has such a potent field that within a certain proximity, people start healing themselves and have more profound access to Truth.

Please also see the vision for Lighthouses envisioned by my dear friend, Tucker Walsh.

As more of these centers manifest and come into harmony with each other, we will unveil unseen realities and come into connect with other beings in awareness.

Homo Universalis

The next iteration of humanity. From Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens to Homo Universals (Awareness). We become aware of, make friends with, and become consciously engaged with the collective of beings in awareness.


  1. Humanity transitions to clean and sustainable energy resources

  2. All human beings have access to energy at no price

Awareness-Based Education

We are able to receive "software updates" by standing in a coherent field and opening up subtle receiving centers of information to download new information through fascial and nervous system, subtle and energetic bodies, and awareness based systems and transmissions

Destiny of Humanity

  1. Destiny of humanity is destined to become an interplanetary species

  2. Destiny of humanity is to explore space, both inner and outer

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