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The Future of Money

An exploration into the consciousness of money and capacities needed for navigating the Emerging Economy

Event hosted on Tuesday, March 1, 2022.
Watch the recording here!

The Future of Money: Welcome

Convening and Facilitation Team


Tim Bennett

Co-originator of LOVE TO - pioneering a way to equitise social and ecological improvement, by developing a new type of financial product that is backed by the value of regenerating and protecting nature and human quality of life.

Sarah McCrum

Author and Source of Love Money, Money Loves You: a channeled book from money speaking to the heart of humanity and how we might shift in our relationship with money in the new world. Also co-originator of LOVE TO.

Jeff Vander Clute

Sourcing The Way for our emerging future to come into being right now through deep listening to the Source and welcoming us Home.

Sushant Shrestha

Venture Catalyst transforming finance and financing transformation by bridging the worlds of consciousness and business.

The Future of Money: Team Members

About the Event

This event explores the consciousness of money and what money is inviting us to notice as we hold space for a new world to emerge.

Hear from embodied examples of the emerging economy, including the founding team of LOVE TO, on what's working on a practical level for bridging the worlds of business and investment when we reimagine value on the principles of love, abundance, and generosity.

Connect with the energy of money and come to know money as your friend.

See more clearly your relationship with money and explore what works for creating healthy relationships and partnerships in the vast interconnected web of life.

Develop a deeper understanding of business as a prime example of consciousness and spirituality in action. A bridge between the mountaintop and marketplace.

The Future of Money: ScheduleItem

The Harvest of Love

Offered by Jeff Vander Clute
A recap of our gathering in 4 minutes

The Future of Money: Video

An ongoing conversation!

Listen to my recent exploration into The Future of Money with Sarah McCrum.
This interview was recorded before The Future of Money gathering

The Future of Money: Text
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