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Activation Weekend

January 16-18, 2022
Austin, Texas

Join us for a weekend of activations
Software and hardware upgrades
Move pain free
Embody your fullest potential
Liberate your mind, body, and being from anything holding you back
Live life in flow
Connect to a community of passionate, whole-hearted agents of evolutions

What's Included?

A Year Long Journey
Might be the most transformative year of your life

Embodying Emergence

Access the wisdom of your body

Allow the present moment to unfold through your body's technology and liberate whatever is holding you back from looking, feeling, and moving liberated and pain free


Open up to higher faculties

Accessing higher realms of consciousness

Peak experiences to provide access to dimensions of consciousness we can all access and yet might not embody on a day to day basis. Extended experience in these states invites these stages to come online more fully as a stage instead of a temporary fleeing sensation

Your roadmap for embodied wellbeing

Create a year long road map for your personal exploratio

Map out what markers are important to you
Have a clear, simple plan for connecting different components together
Create a network of support and activation team to liberate you anytime you get stuck


Community of catalysts

Holding Space for Your Illumined Potential

Leave this weekend with a network of support and immediate access to people who can help you get unstuck and back into flow in the moment you become aware you've left your fullest capacities

Are you ready?
Portal opens January 1, 2022

What might happen

The truth is we don't know what will happen. Our invitation is to trust in not knowing

We want to adventure with people who:

  • Want to live every moment leaving every person better off – more grace, more energy, more belief in themselves, more capacity, more tethered to their potential

  • Are committed self starters who are self-electing, self-regulating volunteers with conviction

  • Feel a call

  • Are self-sufficient – who are able to provide for themselves financially and concretely

  • Are consciously engaged with life as a journey of maturation

  • are learning how to accelerate through drama moments and regulate themselves

  • Are converting challenges into opportunities and seeing every moment as an opportunity to evolve

  • Are legal adults - At least 18 years old

What we are sensing is there will be experiences that unfold at this gathering that have never happened in the history of human beings coming together to play in the present moment together.

If you're called to be a part of sourcing our emerging future and bringing a new world into being, this event is for you!


Faculty and Facilitation Team

Holding Space and Evolving With You


Kim Barta

Psychotherapist and Shadow Work Shaman

Kim Barta, MA is an internationally-recognized licensed psychotherapist, coach, spiritual guide, and speaker. His work is founded in an experiential practice that works with many different kinds of cultures and challenges, from severe mental illness and trauma to supporting the fullest expression of one’s humanity. Kim’s expertise now includes integrating developmental theory with the day-to-day work of being an active therapist and healer.


Mickra Hamilton


This is your Team Member description. Use this space to write a brief description of this person’s role and responsibilities, or add a short bio with a background summary. It’s also a great opportunity to highlight how this person is an asset to the team.


Forrest Wilson

Consciousness Hacker and Wholeness Coach

Forrest Wilson facilitates and holds space for bodies, beings, and collectives to come into coherence through practicing presence, deepening into our essential wholeness, and sourcing our emerging future.

Ways to Play

or $2,111 / month for 12 months

Abundance Package

The abundance package is for individuals who feel called to share more financially to support others facing financial hardship and provide increased resources to the incubator ecosystem.
It includes everything in the accelerator package + 1 on 1 work with Forrest Wilson

or $850 / month for 12 months

Accelerator Package

Includes Shadow into Soul plus a bi-weekly collective container to explore what is arising in you, others, and our collective space, one breath at a time.

or $450 / month for 12 months

Shadow into Soul

Includes 2 year long programs
1. Deliberately developmental meditation program and
2. Shadow work cohort and learning journey

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Are you ready?
Portal opens January 1, 2022


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