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Practitioners of Emergence

Join a community of evolutionary explorers dancing in the mystery together

I want to play in emergence. I want to have people who want to explore and do that with me show up. I want people to want to pay money to be a part of something really cool. I want people to ilterally want to donate money to what we are doing. I want people to think it is the coolest thing they're spending money on. I want people to want to pay thousands of dollars to hang out with us. I want our offer to be so good that people don't want to spend money on anything else. I want people to delight in contributing money to what we are up to and to have so much money coming into our collective that there can be funds available to be allocated to projects that emerge in our space.

I want to have so much money coming in that we don't know what to do with it. I want to be able to easily write ourselves checks monthly for 5 - 10 thousand dollars and I want to have an abundant surplus beyond that amount to be able to pay people we work with well and share funding towards causing what we want to see in the world. 

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What are we exploring?

Practice presence and attunement
Cultivate sensing capacities, intuitive gifts, and other ways of knowing
Experience individual and group coherence
Be a part of midwifing in the new world that wants to be born

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