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Embodiment + Functional Movement

Dad introduced me to Stronglifts 5x5 when I was leaving for my trip to India in spring break of Junior year of college. I was 21 years old and although I had gone to the gym for several years at this point, I never had a progressive loading growth program.

This program was the base of my movement practice for years, for the rest of college and into my early - mid twenties.

5x5 consists of 5 primary movements on an A day and a B day.

A day:

Bench, Squat, and Row

B day:

Overhead Press, Squat, and Deadlift

Also did yoga.

Embodiment + Functional Movement: Text

Here is a video of me deadlifting 500 pounds when I was living in Dubai at the age of 23.

Embodiment + Functional Movement: Video
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