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Healing Fund

What is a healing fund?

A Healing Fund explores the intersection of healing, trauma, and transformational work with money and community. How could we create a healing and transformational fund to work with people who have experienced trauma and have survival based money challenges? What might be possible if we could work with people resourced with healing and trauma modalities and money as a injection of energy to create long term and lasting change

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Healing Fund

What might be possible by combining healing and transformational work, money, and community?

The inspiration for this idea comes from working with homeless people on the streets of California and Austin, Texas. I've noticed many people offer homeless people with temporary relief in the form of food or money. I am fascinated by the inquiry into what might be possible if homeless people could receive a transformational healing session in combination with financial support to "get back on their feet."

Temporary relief provided to homeless people (food and money) does not address the underlying root causes of what is keeping many people from participating in life in their fullest expression. By addressing the underlying root causes of addiction and homelessness, we might see people let go of ways of being that are no longer serving them and explore new ways of being in the world.

My sense is a community wants to emerge around this possibility and this community would further support and empower people to more fully embody their creative potential.

Companies I want to work with



Space for Humanity


People I want to work with:

Tomas Bjorkman

Thomas Huebl

Joe Dispenza

"Activate the activators"

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