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Lone Wolf Pack

A Mastermind Group for Next Gen Visionaries

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Who This is For?

Our Collective is filled with people who are pursuing entrepreneurship as a spiritual path.
This is for you if:
1. You have a project / soul's calling you're called to bring into the world
2. You know there is a possibility to embody your potential and freedom while earning a livelihood and sharing your gifts to create a more beautiful and loving world
3. You are exploring your relationship with money
4. You are curious about manifestation and how to bring your vision into reality
5. You have dreams for a better world to live in, for all of us to enjoy now and for generations to come
6. You are feeling alone in your exploration of your innate gifts and want to join a community of others who are in the same exploration
7. You feel like you have outgrown your life, career, and job and are wondering what is next for you
8. You are wondering what is your gift and how you should spend your time and want to be around others who are having a similar experience
9. You are feeling a major shift happening in you, as you, and want support expressing and feeling through this transition
10. You want to do healing and transformational work without the fluff. You're interested in results and making progress in your development and evolution without spending decades in therapy and hundreds of thousands of dollars on transformation retreats, programs, and experiences.
111. Feeling like you are holding yourself back and want to live unleashed, uninhibited, and free.
12. Most of our clients have a 6 figure business (usually making north of $500k/ year) and are looking to grow to 7 or 8 figures a year without being "had by" their business. Meaning lifestyle and freedom are a higher priority than income.

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Collective Intelligence

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Intentional Culture

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Only the Best


Truly Top-Notch

Collective Emergence

Truly Top-Notch

Stress to Strong

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A Larger Possibility

Serving a Larger Whole

This program attracts a collective of human beings passionate about creating the most good for the most number of people

We ask ourselves:
"what can we do through me?"
"what can we create together?"
"what is it that I can't not do in this lifetime?"

We lovingly call ourselves a lone wolf pack because many of us have outgrown the story for the life we were supposed to live and have ventured out into the unknown to discover what we feel most called to be in the world.

Through both healing and awakening journeys, we have come to know deeper truths about reality and ways of being that want to come online for humanity in this time.

By coming together, we are supporting, catalyzing, and witnessing each other in flourishing most fully in our individual expression of the beauty we all are and always have been.

This is possibly the most important work in service of humanity and collective evolution at this time.

Roadmap Call
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Open Magazine

Lone Wolf Pack

Join a Pack of Other Lone Wolves

Leaving consensus reality and taking the road less travelled oftentimes leaves us feeling alone. We go through a period of time feeling isolated, solitary, and on our own. This is healthy and important, and it isn't permanent. Later, we connect to like-minded others on a similar journey and create a new collective - a pack of lone wolves.

Roadmap Call
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Lone Wolf Pack

Mr. Mackey?

My father passing away

Living in Singapore and Dubai?

Teamesteem 1.0 


Elizabeth Hauler

Chris Wahl

  • Adult Development

  • MBTI

  • Buddhism

Teamesteem - cultivate conscious, aware, globally-minded leaders able to execute with and through people for a higher purpose

Dormie - compete like the pros

Can talk about Sonoma Cellar?

Talk about Vision Quest trip to Bali and Thailand

Jim Anderson 

Avanoo - open humanity to its fullest potential, right now

  • Reinventing Organizations

  • Consciousness Committee

  • Jeff Vander Clute

Kim Barta

Nicole Kernohan

Emerging Probabilities


NPI - Thomas Huebl and LCP

Emerging Being - a deliberately developmental ecosystem for incubating consciousness

(welcoming people into a new way of being)



Karl Steyaert and 

Functional Patterns

Gino Yu

  • Database of mystics, healers, intuitive, and people who have gone through spiritual awakening to midwife people in process

  • Antharabav / bardo

  • Clubhouse room on spiritual awakening that lasted 8 days

Havaya and LA gathering

Breaking my leg

Opening up to channeling and sourcing

Light in Action - 


What else do I need to talk about?

  • Golf

  • Denver Startup Week

  • Scott Nelson? Grants?

  • MetAware Millennials?

  • Sarah McCrum and The Future of Money

  • Force for Good and mens group in Boulder

  • Wolf Sanctuary - Mission Wolf

  • Light in Action weekend Boulder

  • Healing House in Austin?

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A Young Man with a Notebook


Behind the Author

Writing has always been a hobby for Forrest Wilson. However, it was not always something they thought they could make a living with. After winning a short story competition in 2000, they realized they had something valuable to share with the world and turned to writing full time.

Since turning their passion into a profession, Forrest Wilson has written prolifically and is constantly exploring new themes, genres and ideas. It’s incredibly hard work, but they're never happier than when they sit down at their desk putting the opening words to a new book or story on paper.

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