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About Forrest

Mr. Mackey?

My father passing away

Living in Singapore and Dubai?

Teamesteem 1.0 


Elizabeth Hauler

Chris Wahl

  • Adult Development

  • MBTI

  • Buddhism

Teamesteem - cultivate conscious, aware, globally-minded leaders able to execute with and through people for a higher purpose

Dormie - compete like the pros

Can talk about Sonoma Cellar?

Talk about Vision Quest trip to Bali and Thailand

Jim Anderson 

Avanoo - open humanity to its fullest potential, right now

  • Reinventing Organizations

  • Consciousness Committee

  • Jeff Vander Clute

Kim Barta

Nicole Kernohan

Emerging Probabilities


NPI - Thomas Huebl and LCP

Emerging Being - a deliberately developmental ecosystem for incubating consciousness

(welcoming people into a new way of being)



Karl Steyaert and 

Functional Patterns

Gino Yu

  • Database of mystics, healers, intuitive, and people who have gone through spiritual awakening to midwife people in process

  • Antharabav / bardo

  • Clubhouse room on spiritual awakening that lasted 8 days

Havaya and LA gathering

Breaking my leg

Opening up to channeling and sourcing

Light in Action - 


What else do I need to talk about?

  • Golf

  • Denver Startup Week

  • Scott Nelson? Grants?

  • MetAware Millennials?

  • Sarah McCrum and The Future of Money

  • Force for Good and mens group in Boulder

  • Wolf Sanctuary - Mission Wolf

  • Light in Action weekend Boulder

  • Healing House in Austin?

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